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"You´re disgusting... I like that in a person" Max von Sydow i Köplust!


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"A dog got personality... and personality goes a long way"

Pulp fiction

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By request från min sambo Anneli kommer ett riktigt höjdarcitat från serien Angel (eller Äckel.... som det låter när Jonathan säger det!!):

                                                                 "I do not have puppetcancer!"



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"I´m drowning in footwear"


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Här går det att beställa filmen!!!


"I think therefore you are"


In the mouth of madne...

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"Love isn´t blind.... It´s retarted!" från Two & half men.

Angående kärlek

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"It´s no moon... it´s a spacestation"

Twister & Star Wars

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"Give me some sugar baby"
"You found me beautiful once. Ash: Honey you got real ugly"
"I´ve got news for you pal. You ain´t leading but two things right now. Jack and shit... and Jack left town"

Army of Darkness